The best music apps for iPad…

Hi everyone,

Just thought that I would share with you a few of my favourite (mostly free!) iPad apps, from amongst an ever-growing list! These days there is literally an app for everything, and although there are some truly terrible ones, there are also some really awesome ones.

Having iPad time is a fun way to reinforce some of the things we may have covered in the lesson – and it is amazing how sometimes something you have tried to explain for weeks is grasped in an instant with the help of technology!

  1. My Note Games: This app is great for teaching beginners how to read music and follow along on the page. My favourite part is that it can actually listen to you play the piano, and gives the player a gold coin for playing the correct notes!MyNoteGames
  2. Rhythm Cat: This one is a great app for learning rhythm and recognising note values. It starts off with a simple one-note-per-beat pattern and then gradually gets harder and faster.Rhythm Cat
  3. Flashnote Derby: Another great one for learning note names, but this time you are the star of a horse race, and with each correct note your horse gets faster and faster.FlashnoteDerby
  4. Dragon Scales: Kids are really drawn to this one, must be something about slaying dragons! At the start of the game, you choose which scales you want to practice, and then it is a battle to slay the dragon (by playing the scale correctly, of course) before he burns you to a crisp.Dragon Scales
  5. Musictionary: On a more practical note, there are many great apps to help support learning in other ways (such as tuners and metronomes), and also this musical dictionary (hence the name, musictionary…). Handy to have at your fingertips, especially for more advanced students!Musictionary

Happy playing,