Piano Pirates Practice Incentive…

Hi everyone,

This term the studio has been taken over by a hoard of marauding pirates! Eager to collect gold medallions from the various island destinations (Rhythm Volcano, Listening Lagoon, Imagination Island…), students are completing a list of musical challenges and then collecting their bounty. Who will become our first pirate captain, by completing the map?


Even though I aim for each student to have as much intrinsic motivation as possible to learn the piano (by playing songs they enjoy and creating a supportive learning environment), sometimes a bit of old-fashioned competition can really get the ball rolling! Also, the different challenge categories ensure that all students get a broad musical training (so not only developing playing skills, but also learning how to listen and play with others, how to be creative at the piano, and an appreciation for lots of different sorts of music!). So far I have seen some great work going on, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the term will bring!

Happy playing,