The Great Composer Battle…

Hi everyone,

At the start of the year, students were selected into teams named after some of the greatest composers of all time (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Clara Schumann, Frédéric Chopin and Ludwig van Beethoven). Every month up until August there will be a new challenge to complete, and the team that wins the most challenges overall will be invited to come along on a ‘mystery musical field trip’ during September (more details to follow next term!).Composer Battle - April

The first challenge took place in March, with each team vying to learn the most amount of bars by the end of the month (a piece of music is made up of many ‘bars’, with beginner pieces lasting around 4, and more advanced pieces entering into the hundreds!). Team Ludwig took out 1st place with a total of 340 bars learnt, followed by Team Amadeus in 2nd place (321 bars), Team Frédéric in 3rd place (286 bars) and Team Clara in 4th place (196 bars). Pretty impressive work, and I look forward to seeing the results from next month!

Happy playing,